My Story

Born into a family of farmers and gardeners, my green thumb and love of all things botanical is part of my DNA. I grew up in South Louisiana and spent the better part of my childhood roaming my grandparents’ farm where I was free to climb trees, pick wildflowers, and explore the natural world. I attended Tulane University in New Orleans, LA, and St. Andrews University in Scotland before moving to Southern California where I began a career in public relations and marketing. When my family grew to include three kids, my husband and I relocated to Northern California where I was blessed to have the opportunity be a work-from-home mom and turn my passion project into a studio floral business. I'm driven by the words of Mother Teresa--do small things with great love. Flowers don’t solve the world’s problems, but they bring beauty and joy into our lives. And that's big!

I am an artist, and flowers are my medium. But I am also a professional, who understands that pretty things don’t happen without organization, focus, and hustle. Bringing all of the details together into a magical event—that’s my cup of tea. And speaking of tea, let’s meet for a cup if you’re interested in a complimentary floral consultation for your next event.


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