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Team Flower Conference takeaways

I was thrilled to be an assistant at the Team Flower conference held in Pasadena this January. What an inspiring three days of love and learning! I had a chance to learn from some floral superstars including Katie Davis of Ponderosa and Thyme, Janelle Nicole Thomson of Lavenders Flowers and Felisa Funes who designed this cool dried and painted floral heart. In addition to the "headline" florists who spoke and held small group sessions on topics ranging from bouquet design to branding, I had the opportunity to meet and work alongside some amazing attendees. Some were designers and shop owners with decades in the business. Others were newbies. But we all had a common passion for our work and a strong desire to connect and grow into the new year.  As one of the conference assistants, I helped with some of the behind-the-scenes activities, which was a great way to get to know other attendees and learn more about how to pull off a big event of this kind. I'm startin

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