Oldies and Goodies

The clouds parted just in time for the Fall Tag Sale! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to check out the handmade wreaths and cornucopia arrangements plus all of the painted furniture and vintage treasures. One of the things I enjoy most about Honeysuckle House is the opportunity to visit with people and pass along things to them that I'm sure will bring them joy. The best things in life, of course, are not things at all. But, I find that decorating with beautiful, useful objects can absolutely add to our quality of life. Dishes that remind you of your grandmother's Thanksgiving table, books that smell like the library of your college days, wool blankets that take you back to that honeymoon cabin in the woods--all of these nostalgic associations fill our homes with happy memories that mass-produced stuff from China just can't rival, no matter how inexpensive or easy-to-come-by. I am thankful for kindred spirits who love old stuff like I do and for good friends who come by to show their support just the same.


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