The Charm of Vintage Cookbooks

Vintage books are so charming, and that's especially true of vintage cookbooks. From the binding to the illustrations to the recipes themselves, vintage cookbooks take me back to the home of yesteryear. There's no chance you'll find me fully coiffed in the kitchen whipping up tuna casseroles any time soon, but it's fun to read Betty Crocker's advice for housewives. Of course, my Julia volumes hold a special place in my heart! Who doesn't love Julia?! But my new favorite find is Home Made: Recipes from the Nineteenth Century by Sandra Oddo. Published in 1972, this book is a stunner in bright orange and citron linen binding. It looks absolutely apropos on the bookshelf and celebrates slow cooking and housekeeping way before it was hip. Old things have a story to tell, and ultimately, that's what keeps me hungry for more.


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