Sweet Summertime

The school year is just about over and as I do every year around this time I'm feeling a bit panicked. What, school is almost out for summer? Did my kids learn everything they were supposed to learn? Did I volunteer enough? Did I thank the teachers? Did I mark all of the end-of-the-year activities on my calendar? Did I miss anything? For a geeky mom like me, letting go of another school year is hard. The silver lining to endings like this one, is the start of something new. 

I get to look forward to having my kids at home with me all summer. We can wake up late and eat pancakes on a Wednesday. We can play in the sprinklers and throw a quilt over the grass for an afternoon picnic at home. We can load up for the river, the mountains or the beach. OK, so maybe I'm getting used to the idea. 

As I get in the spirit of summer, I'm sharing a few treasures I've found recently. My favorite has to be this vintage Westinghouse oscillating fan with a light aqua blue base (swoon). It's just perfect to place on a white washed dresser in my imaginary beach house or to sell to someone who actually has a beach house for real!


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