Mes Amis Noel Vintage Market Recap

I had about a week of prep time after I found out I "got in" to the curated Mes Amis Vintage Market this past Friday and Saturday. That made for some crazy busy days leading up to the show and a couple of long days working the show. All this to say, home girl is tired out! Of course it was all worthwhile. I loved hanging out with like-minded junque lovers for two days and getting to meet wonderful sellers and buyers. I was proud to be included in the company of veteran dealers whose booths were truly swoon worthy. And my little smorgasbord of vintage and antique items came together as a colorful, nostalgic space that made me happy to be Honeysuckle House. Now, it's time to rest and reconnect with my kids and husband who have been on autopilot these last few days. Tim actually bought Dylan a pumpkin spice latte at one point! Starting out my Thanksgiving week feeling so grateful to the Lord for his grace and his sufficiency. What a welcome relief it is to know that God only requires that we believe and put our faith in him to meet our needs. "For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Mathew ll:30


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