Ladies Tea at Lakehills Church

Remember the Saturday Night Live "Church Lady" skits from way back? I remember dressing up like the church lady for Halloween one year! So hilarious...anyway, I got to channel my inner church lady this past weekend at the Lakehills Ladies Spring Tea event. Each tea hostess was in charge of stocking and styling a table of eight. It was great fun pulling out all of my mismatched vintage china and some light pink vintage napkins to create a pretty tablescape. I even found a perch for some of my porcelain rabbits.

Of course, the floral centerpiece was the focal point. I had so much fun designing a huge arrangement of foraged blooming branches (viburnum, lady banksia roses, and bridal wreath spirea) as well as some lovely light pink Esperance roses, snapdragon, and peachy striped parrot tulips. It was big and over-the-top (maybe a little too big for the table) but then I'm southern, and we generally err on the side of bigger. 

In spite of cold, rainy weather, it was a wonderful morning spent visiting with fellow church ladies and reflecting on how to "taste and see that the Lord is good". For me, the opportunity to work with flowers is such a joy and a gift. I pray for God's favor on my work as I continue to walk this path of building a creative business.


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