Yay for succulents...and sangria!

I think it was my mom who introduced me to my first succulent. It was a "string of pearls" plant that she had potted in a petite terracotta hanging basket. I can see it now--the long tendrils really did look like minty green pearl necklaces. It wasn't until I moved to Southern California after college that I discovered the full range of succulent varieties and had success growing them myself. Succulents are very apropos, but I'm happy to say I've been well ahead of the curve on this plant craze. What's not to love about these amazing beauties?! 
I was able to share my love for succulents with a great group of ladies this Friday for my first Honeysuckle House workshop: Succulents & Sangria. I enjoyed playing around in the kitchen whipping up some tapas-inspired dishes like tortilla espanola and goat cheese and walnut stuffed figs. Ice-cold sangria helped with the triple-digit heat! For the succulent potting activity, we used a beautiful aqua and metallic copper glazed planter and worked with "Perle von Nurnberg" echeveria, "alpen glow" graptosedum, "tricolor" sedum spurium and "mother of thousands" kalanchoe tubiflora. I love the way each pot turned out so uniquely stunning.It was a truly wonderful evening and I'm already dreaming up some fun new workshop experiences for this fall!


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