Modern White Wedding

Working with white flowers can be tricky. When they are fresh and unblemished they are the epitome of purity and perfection. But...they can go south on you quick! They tend to show every little brush and bruise, making them finicky when you need them to hold up and look great for bridal portraits, wedding ceremonies, and receptions. I'm typically a bit of a stress case, and white flowers turn up the volume on my anxiety. "Don't touch the petals, don't squish them, don't breathe on them!" It sounds crazy, but white flowers are the divas of the botanical world. 

That being said, when the stars align, it's possible to make the most lovely creations from white flowers, and I think that's what happened with the florals for this late May wedding. The bride wanted a modern, tropical twist for her bridal bouquet that was reflected in the use of orchids, tropical foliage, and an asymmetrical design. For her bridal portraits, she opted for a simpler bouquet with a more upright design. Both bouquets are classic and elegant but also feel young and fresh. And I only lost a little sleep making them ;)


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