Dahlias for days

My favorite flower is in season and what a beauty she is! I'm talking about dahlias. I only had room for a few varieties that I chose mainly for my wedding floral needs, but I'm already dreaming about how I can expand the patch and double my yield for next year. There's just nothing like a dahlia. Whether it's the blush and cream queen of the dinnerplates Cafe au Lait or the diminutive ball-types with their perfect cupped petals, I LOVE them all! Well, almost all, I did plant a variety that I don't like and that's almost a relief because I can free up the space to plant something better next year. Dahlias aren't often commercially available to the public, so you'll have to seek out local growers or better yet, grow your own. I find that dahlias are quite hardy--they even stand up to our triple digit heat if you keep them well watered and sheltered from the late afternoon sun. Good, well draining soil and regular watering keeps mine happy as clams. I hope you enjoy these sumptuous blooms as much as I do!


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