Sweet May Bridal Bouquet

Photo credit: @jennaraephoto
I loved designing this blush bridal bouquet for a friend and fellow maker. The bride asked for a loose cascading bouquet of eucalyptus and light pink flowers. I was inspired by the soft nude-pink color of Mother of Pearl roses--these are some of my all-time favorite roses! They open so beautifully, creating a romantic, garden rose look. But it's the color that really captures my heart. Sadly, it can be difficult to capture their exact blushy, peachy, creamy shade in a photograph. They are well-named, because their color mimics the warm, skin-toned neutral of pearls. To the roses, I added just a hint of pink for contrast with peonies, miniature roses, heuchera spikes, and spirea from the garden as well as a varied assortment of grey and green foliage. Light pink and grey is a classic combination and always looks apropos for weddings, but I loved the way the coppery tones of the fern picked up the fleshy color of the roses. Growing so many varieties of foliage and flowers in my home garden means I get to incorporate unorthodox elements like these into my designs. I enjoy bringing a bit of whimsy and wildness to all of my florals, and bridal bouquets are no exception. What a joy it is to work with brides who value my work and let me "do my thing" when it comes to design. I hope they are as delighted with the results as I am.


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