Hot Sacramento wedding

Photo credit: @scottanddanaphotographers
Has there ever been a wedding that has gone exactly according to plan....I doubt it! While thankfully, I've not been a party to any wedding day disasters, there's always an unknown that manages to make things interesting. During my initial consultation with Amanda, we imagined an outdoor evening ceremony at Viscaya in Sacramento, CA with temperatures in the 70s. Not so! Instead, we were treated to a mid-September scorcher with temps pushing triple digits. That made things interesting from a floral perspective.

Wedding work reminds me so much of my time as a dancer. You rehearse and prepare for the show, but there's always an element of a live performance that you can't prepare for--that requires you to be a professional and just make it work. It's all about creating a memorable experience for your audience. They don't know about the injury or the wardrobe malfunction or the last minute change in choreography, they just want to enjoy the show (and get their money's worth).

When brides hire me, they can count on a florist who will do what it takes to make it work, regardless of what the wedding day throws my way. Because in the end, it's all about creating a beautiful experience for the couple and their guests. A little extra work/stress on my part, is just part of my job! And nothing makes me happier than seeing it all come together like it did for Amanda and Jesse.
Photo credit: @scottanddaynaphotographers


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