Rose-colored glasses

I heard a story on NPR the other day about a famous painter who talked about the joy he experiences in simply looking. Over years of honing his craft, he has become extremely observant of the world around him and the most insignificant things, like the splash created when you step into a puddle, becomes this remarkably beautiful scene. His eyes pick up every nuance, every color and flash of light, and it's pure joy for him to witness. That's the way I feel about botanical things. I'm tuned-in to every leaf, bud and berry, and I love that I can see the world this way! So much of our personal happiness depends upon our perspective. Even hard, cold reality is altered by our perception of it. So with this in mind, I share my bliss with you--a bridal bouquet I recently designed for a styled photo shoot by Aria Photography at the Jack London State Historic Park (can't wait to see those photos). And I invite you to see the world through your own version of rose-colored glasses.


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