Bridal bouquet trends for 2017

As someone who lives vicariously through BBC costume dramas, I may not be the best one to talk about upcoming bridal trends, but I'm going out on a mossy limb for you forward thinking brides out there. I've fine tuned my ESP(N) and peered deeply into my crystal ball, and here's what I'm feeling...

Foliage--For the past few years, greenery has been creeping up on all those luscious dahlias and peonies. With green as the Pantone color of the year, I'm thinking greenery will have it's big moment. I see showstopping leaves of split leaf philodendron, curly tendrils of honeysuckle, and lacy fronds of fern.

Cascading bouquets--Okay, don't freak out if you remember the trailing bouquets of the 80s, Today's cascading bouquet is a free-flowing floral masterpiece that compliments simpler dresses very well. There's so much space to work with in cascading bouquets, so they can really add oomph and drama. Just don't overdo it--ballgowns with cascading bouquets can go Princess Di really fast (which isn't necessarily a bad thing ;).

Bigger is better--This trend has actually been building for a while. I think we're going to see some massive bouquet creations this year and I love it! One note of caution, big bouquets are also heavy bouquets and most brides don't want their biceps bulging as they walk down the aisle. Trust me, I learned this from experience! If you're going for that over-the-top bouquet, use flowers and foliage that don't weigh a ton.

Garden flowers--I love this trend and I hope it never stops gaining in popularity. Modern brides are still in love with bouquets that look as if they were gathered from your grandmother's garden. Old fashioned flowers like antique roses, dahlias, cosmos, feverfew, nigella...the list goes on, can be used to create one-of-a-kind bouquets that blend beautifully with rustic, outdoor wedding themes. The great news about these flowers is that often they can be purchased from local growers--making them a great choice for environmentally conscious brides.

So that's what's on my mind...can't wait to see what the future holds! Photo credits from top: bridal musings, bridal musings, weddingmania, the natural wedding co.


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