New Direction for the New Year

It's been ages since I posted to the blog...time spent hanging out with my kids, enjoying the holidays, binge watching Netflix, and ruminating about the direction I'd like to take Honeysuckle House. Since I started this cottage business two years ago, I've met some really great people and made connections both locally and via social media that have enriched my life. I'm learning (and having fun) and there's legitimate value in that. On the other hand, Honeysuckle House was never intended to be just a hobby. The ability to create a sustainable, profitable business is my core aim. With this in mind, I will be shifting gears to focus on event work, specifically floral design and event staging. I'm excited to share a few sneak peeks of my bridal floral design with you, captured by the fabulous Aria Bethards of Aria Photography. Cheers to the blessings of the old year and to all that awaits in the new!


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